a Hazlewood motorcycle combination, now part of the Museum's collection

Hazlewood's Limited were cycle and motorcycle manufacturers in Coventry.

Beggining as far back as 1876, the Hazlewood's, a family of Blacksmith's, began making Penny-Farthing type cycles in the City. in the 1880s the Hazlewood family joined forces with John I. Warman to also establish the business of Warman & Hazlewood. After nearly 30 years of pure cycle making, in 1905 they began to build side-cars for motorcycles under the company of Hazlewood's Ltd.

It was not until 1911 that they themselves entered the motor market with 'Hazlewood' motorcycles powered by JAP engines of various capacities. It is believed that the company continued to manufacture cycles and motorcycles until around 1927.

This motorcycle and sidecar can now be viewed in the Museum's Motorcycle Gallery