Thrust SSC - one of the many iconic cars held in the Museum's collection

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This is where you can find out a little more about some of the vehicles in our fantastic collection, the major manufacturers, important industrial sites, and some of the key people connected to Coventry's world-renowned transport industry.

The various pages include summarised information on certain cycles, motorcycles and cars that you can see on display, some of the many famous cycle and motorcar companies, significant names associated with such industries, and much much more. You will also find more general information on the manufacturing plants themselves based in Coventry, the prominent people behind them, and further transport links to Coventry.

Read about famous names such as Siegfried Bettmann of the Triumph Company, William Hillman of cycle and motor fame, and James Starley, known today as the 'Father of the Cycle Industry'. Discover more about the important roles they and others played in making Coventry such an important manufacturing city. Read also about internationally acclaimed companies including Coventry Climax, Daimler, Jaguar, and so many others of such significance.

You can browse the Wiki either by listing all the pages, using the Tags (categories), or simply by using the search tool. Each page then has an associated Discussion Forum where visitors can discuss the information posted, suggest further information, or simply share fond memories of the products or people concerned.

Considering the scale of Coventry's cycle and motor industry, this site will be updated frequently so please keep visiting for extended information on existing pages, and the regular addition of more related companies, vehicles, people and industrial sites.

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