The Autocar is a magazine that was first established in Coventry at a time when the motor industry was in its infancy.

It was launched from an office in Coventry in November 1895, “in the interests of mechanically propelled road carriages”, yet there appears to have been an obvious favourable sway in the promotion of certain companies and their products early on, including the likes of Daimler and The Great Horseless Carriage Company.

The reasons behind such bias was no coincidence. Harry J. Lawson chose Coventry as the place where the bulk of his schemes would take place. Lawson was the creator and promoter of both the British Daimler Company and The Great Horseless Carriage Company, and Henry Sturmey had a stake in both – whilst also being Editor of The Autocar.

By 1901, Sturmey split from the magazine after disagreements with the owner William Iliffe about such conflicts of Interest, so In defiance, Sturmey launched his own magazine soon after, The Motor.

The Autocar continued to follow the developments of motor production over the following decades, as did The Motor, which was ironically absorbed by The Autocar in 1988.

The Autocar remains as ever a popular motoring publication to this day – the oldest of its type.
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