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Coventrys Motorcycle Heritage is a book which covers the history of all known motorcycle manufacturers to have exsisted in Coventry.

Listed in an A-Z format, Coventrys Motorcycle Heritage, published by the History Press, provides a summarized account of each company, with an emphasis on the people who worked in the industry.

Covering a history beginning as early as 1896, the 160-page book containing over 200 images covers more than 140 individual motorcycle manufacturers and marques related to Coventry. Manufacturers include famous companies including Francis-Barnett, the Humber Company, Rudge, and Triumph, to lesser known firms such as Aurora, Kingsway and Wigan-Barlow. The book also covers in great detail notable people associated with Coventry's motorcycle industry, including Humber works rider Bert Yates, pioneer motorist Muriel Hind, and Triumph Cycle founder Siegfried Bettmann.

Coventrys Motorcycle Heritage is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the history of motorcycle manufacture, Coventry's social history, and motorcycles in general.

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