The Museum's 1976 Triumph Stag

Considered by some to be one of the most attractive post-war British built cars, the Stag was launched in June 1970 and attracted favourable comments from the motoring press. For example, in its 13th June edition, Motor magazine said ‘the Triumph Stag has no British counterpart – a few close rivals from the car factories of other countries come to that’, while Autocar’s 30th July issue reported ‘the Stag is one of those cars which you appreciate the more you drive it’.

With a body designed by Italian stylist Giovanni Michelotti and a claimed top speed of 115mph (184km/h), the launch price was £1,996, which included power steering as standard. Automatic transmission came as an optional extra for £104. The Stag body was made and trimmed at Triumph’s Speke No. 2 factory in Liverpool, before being sent to Coventry for final assembly at the Canley plant.

Triumph had high hopes for this model, planning to build 10,000 a year. However, persistent engine overheating and other related problems meant that sales were quite poor. When production finally ceased in 1977, only 25,887 Stags had been produced.

This vehicle can be seen in the Boomtime Boomtown gallery.
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