The 'Motor Mills', home of the Daimler Co. and Great Horseless Carriage Co.

The Great Horseless Carriage Company was an early motor company based in Coventry.

After Harry J. Lawson established the British Motor Syndicate in 1895, he first formed the Great Horseless Carriage Company with £750,000 capital in early 1896. A Few months later he floated the Daimler Motor Company, a business that would become his greatest enterprise.

The original prospectus for the Great Horseless Carriage Co. stated: ‘a new parent company to immediately take up, work, and develop this immense industry; to acquire licenses for working the patents, to purchase master patents, to receive royalties there from; to license and form subsidiary companies there under; to sell foreign rights and concessions; and to generally establish and work the trade in this country.’

It's thought that the company was introduced specifically to build carriages fitted with Daimler motors under contract, as well as certain Pennington designs. This work was conducted at a floor of the Motor Mills which was leased from the British Motor Syndicate - all of which were under Lawson's control. Such concerns were well promoted by Henry Sturmey whilst Editor of The Autocar.

By 1898 some shareholders threatened to sue Lawson due to no return of investment. To counter this, Lawson wound up the company and reinvented it as the Motor Manufacturing Company (MMC).

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