White & Poppe's Holbrooks based factory

White & Poppe were engine makers once located in Coventry.

White & Poppe Ltd. were established in Coventry by Norwegian Peter August Poppe and Alfred James White. In September 1899 they joined forces specializing in engine making for supply. By 1902, the company also began building their own complete motorcycles using a 5 hp vertical-twin engine. Although this was to continue on a very limited scale for the next twenty years, the company concentrated their efforts more on engine manufacture and supply, gaining lucrative contracts with companies such as Ariel, and later, the Morris Motor Company.

At the outbreak of War in 1914 the company employed some 350 workers, yet by 1918 this had reached 12,000. This was due to the large contracts being agreed by the company to build millions of munitions components, mostly made up of aluminum fuse bodies and shell-sockets. Much of this skilled work was undertaken by women who were drafted into Coventry in their thousands from all over the British Isles and beyond.

In 1920, White, the principal shareholder, sold his interest to the Dennis Company. Poppe stayed on for a further two years before joining Rover as Chief Engineer.

The White & Poppe Company ceased all business in 1933, and much of the factory was taken over by the forerunners of the Jaguar Company.
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