The Starley Memorial c1900

The Starley Memorial is a memorial which stands in Warwick Green Coventry.

It was erected in 1884, as a tribute to James Starley (1830-1881) the inventor and pioneer of whose innovations in cycle development helped make Coventry the home of cycle manufacture, respected throughout the world.

It was unveiled by the then Mayor of Coventry, Alderman J. E. Banks on November the 8th 1884, reportedly ‘in the presence of some 4,000 or 5,000 persons’. Local press described the memorial as ‘four sided with a panel on each side. On the front panel is a very accurate portrait , in profile of James Starley; on the two sides are illustrations of the original Rotary Tricycle and the Royal Salvo, the machines whose principles Mr. Starley perfected; and on the rear panel is the inscription “James Starley, 1884”. The space occupied by the whole structure is twelve feet by twelve. The memorial was executed by Messrs. J. Whitehead and Sons, Sculptors, of Rochester Row, Westminster’.

The Memorial, now (2009) 125 years old still stands today, yet is naturally showing signs of age.

James Starley is buried at London Road Cemetery.
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