an interior shot of the Standard works - 1920s

Standard was a motor company once based in Coventry.

The Standard Motor Company was set up at Much Park Street, Coventry by Reginald Maudslay in 1903. Their first car was a 6hp ‘Motor Victoria’ followed quickly by a number of 2, 4, and six cylinder models up to the outbreak of WWI.

In 1916 the company moved to purpose built works at Canley, where they began building aircraft in support of the War Effort. In 1919 they picked up production with the four-cylinder 9.5 model, and in 1923 released their successful 13.9hp up to 1927. The following year saw the introduction of the popular Model 9, which brought about a succession of popular variations thereafter.

In 1929, Captain John Black (ex-Hillman Motor Company) was appointed General Manager of the concern, and before long, a range of new models were being mass produced there throughout the 1930s including the ‘Flying Standard’ range. The company purchased the motorcar side of Triumph in 1945, and the ‘Vanguard’ came about 3 years later.

The 1950s saw the continuation of models such as the Vanguard, yet the last car to carry the Standard name was the ‘Ensign De Luxe’ in 1963.
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