The Rex 6hp 'Sidette de Luxe Model' cost £75 when bought in 1912

The Rex Motor Manufacturing Company were makers of autocars and other forms of motorised transport from the early 1900s in Coventry.

In 1901, the Birmingham Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company merged with the Coventry cycle and motor makers, Allard & Co. of Earlsdon, Coventry, to form the new business of the Rex Motor Manufacturing Company.

They soon set about building three and four-wheeled motorised vehicles as well as 250cc motorcycles of high quality.

In 1907 the built a dropped-framed motorcycle for Miss Muriel Hind, a pioneering female motorcyclist and motoring journalist from Dorset. A few years later, Hind married Mr. R. Lord of the Rex Company and remained in Coventry for the rest of her life.

The company continued quite successfully into the War years, yet a split in the company ranks saw the Williamson brothers leave, one to join the massive Singer Company, the other to begin his own rival business – that of the Williamson Motor Company also in Earlsdon.

Rex concentrated mostly on the production of motorcycles towards the end until 1922 when they merged with the Acme motor Company of Coventry to form Rex-Acme. This new company made racing specification models in the City until 1933.
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