ariel view of the expansive parkside site - Rolls Royce Heritage Trust

Parkside is an ancient area of Coventry that became home to many cycle and motor companies during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Historically, near this site stood Cheylesmore Gate, one of 11 walled Gates that once surrounded Coventry. On exiting Cheylesmore Gate, one would enter ‘The Park’ or ‘Cheylesmore Park’. Eventually, the area just inside the wall became known as Parkside.

During the late 1800’s Parkside, now minus the wall, began to develop particularly when the cycle industry began to take hold. Some of the first companies to occupy the site included the New Amalgamated Tyre Company, Harry J. Lawson’s Beeston firms, the Velox Motor Company, and Maudslay.

From this point onwards the site has been home to countless other transport related companies including The Iden Motor Co., The Clement Motor Co., Coventry Motor Company, Motor Manufacturing Co.(MMC), Coventry Components, Motor Radiator Co., Rolls Royce, Ariel, Rover, Siddeley Autocar Co. Deasy Motor Co., Swift, Armstrong Siddeley, Siddeley-Deasy, Burlington Carriage Works, Hollick & Pratt, Cornercroft, and many others.

Since the site was cleared in the 1990s, the land was purchased and redeveloped by Coventry University.
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