some Montgomery motorcycles resembled Brough machines

The Montgomery Motor Company was a firm of motorcycle and sidecar manufacturers located in Coventry.

William Montgomery first began making Safety bicycles at a factory at Bury St. Edmunds in 1892. By 1904 he introduced a 5hp V-Twin motorcycle complete with a detachable wicker-work sidecar.

In 1911 the business uprooted and moved production to Coventry and soon began making machines powered by Coventry Victor engines. As well and making their own complete machines, Montgomery also supplied frames to other manufacturers including Coventry-Eagle and Brough of Nottingham.

After WWI the company picked up production with a range of models from 147cc to 996cc. Manufacture was halted in 1925 due to a factory fire, yet they found new premises and continued, turning out machines powered mostly by JAP and Villiers engines into the 1930s.

Business was going well for Montgomery as the company continued to build solid and nice-looking machines, albeit not on a massive scale. This was all cut short in 1940 when their factory was completely destroyed by German bombs. After this set-back the owners chose not to resume production.
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