'Black Cabs' being built at LTI's Coventry factory (LTI Vehicles)

LTI Vehicles are a company of taxi manufacturers located in Coventry.

The LTI business began after the conclusion of WWI in 1919 as Carbodies Ltd. It was founded primarily as a coach-building operation under the management of Robert Jones on a small site in Coventry. Over time the business steadily expanded and outgrew its factory, so a new site was sourced on Holyhead Road in 1928, near to the Alvis Company.

With Coventry being the home of the motor industry, Carbodies soon made a name for itself and drew contracts from local firms like the Humber Company, Singer, Daimler, Jaguar, as well as Ford and Rolls-Royce.

Carbodies began making taxis by the late 1940s. Through a partnership with Austin and Mann & Overton, the first FX3 taxi’s were made at Holyhead Road. With this, the iconic ‘Black Cab’ was born – now famous around the globe. By 1959, the company concentrated solely on the production of taxis, beginning with the release of their Austin FX4 Taxi model.

Carbodies was bought by Manganese Bronze Holdings plc in 1973. Then, in 1982, Carbodies took over the intellectual rights to the FX4 from British Leyland. When Manganese Bronze bought Mann & Overton in 1984, a new company by the name of London Taxis International was formed to manufacture and sell taxis.

London Taxis International is now the oldest motor manufacturer to still exist in Coventry to this day.
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