De Lorean

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The iconic, if not unsuccessful, De Lorean DM12. CTM Collection

1982 De Lorean DM12

The Belfast based De Lorean Company set out to build a car that would look and drive like a $50,000 sports car for about half the price.

Production on the stainless steel bodied, and gull-winged door De Lorean car started in 1980, but by 1982 the project had floundered and the company went into liquidation. It consumed millions of pounds of British taxpayer’s money when it was set up and its clear aim was to create a niche in the American market.

The car itself had a reputed speed of some 135mph and retailed at £25,000, and most indeed found their way to American shores. It has a fuel injected rear-mounted 2.8 litre six-cylinder engine, central petrol tank and luxurious, if not novel, interior.

The romance of the De Lorean has been kept alive through the hugely popular Back to the Future films.

This car can be seen in the Museums 1980s and 1990s Gallery.
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