Harry Lawson also had a hand in the Coventry Motor Co.

The Coventry Motor Company (CMC) were a firm of motorised tricycle makers based in Coventry.

Beginning in around 1897, the Coventry Motor Company were yet another of Harry J. Lawson's motoring creations, working out of addresses at both Parkside, and Conduit Yard - an ancient courtyard off mediaeval Spon Street. Having purchased the UK rights to build 'Leon Bollee' designs, Lawson called this new three-wheeled vehicle the Coventry Motette - supposedly aimed at the female market, and appointed C. M. Turrell to manage affairs.

One of these 3.5hp machines was driven by a Mrs. H. De Veulle from Coventry to London to promote the vehicle later that year. This type of stunt was typical of Lawson, and acted to both demonstrate the Motette's reliabilty, and the fact that it could be handled by a woman.

As Lawson became evermore involved with many other business deals, the Coventry Motor Co. fell out of favour and ceased to trade around 1903.
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