The 1896 Coventry Motette as seen at the Museum

1896 Coventry Motette.

This vehicle was developed by both the Coventry Motor Company and the Humber Company and based on the Leon Bollee tricar of the time.

Manufactured under the supervision of Charles McRobie Turrell at sites split between Parkside and Conduit Yard, large quantities of these vehicle were though to have been produced and sold. It differs from the Bollee in that it has tiller steering and the exhaust valve is on the top of the cylinder instead of underneath. This vehicle was fitted with a hot tube ignition system, but has been converted to electrics to help the reliability.

Affectionately known as “Methusela”, the vehicle has taken part in a number of London to Brighton runs and in 1946 actually carried number “one”. Although not the most reliable vehicle on its trips to Brighton, it has completed the run every time to date. It has also completed a Manchester to Blackpool run during which a rebuild of the exhaust valve gear became necessary.

This Motette was purchased by the Museum in 1961 for £475. It was then completely rebuilt by the Museum Staff with the aid of a Job Creation Scheme.

This vehicle can be seen in the Museum's Land Marques Gallery.
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